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  IT Relocation Procedure

Free site survey (under your company banner if required).

A dedicated team (again under your company banner if required) will test all IT equipment and log the information on a comprehensive decommissioning form. The client can then use these forms as an asset list after the relocation is completed.

The positioning of all the equipment is recorded, so when commissioning the equipment in its’ new location, the client will have their desk exactly as it was before. All connected equipment e.g. modems, speakers etc. are logged including the ports they were connected to.

The move
The main equipment is then decommissioned and all peripherals place in sealed plastic bags, with the documentation inside. This is then ready for your relocation technicians to place in crates with anti-static bubble wrap and move to the new location.

On commissioning the equipment is connected exactly as recorded and then powered up and tested. All testing is recorded on the form to confirm that the equipment is in the same state as before it was moved.

We then ensure a Technical Specialist is allocated for the day after the move to troubleshoot any snags that may have occurred.