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Network Hubs and Switches (fast hubs)

In the same way as with network interface cards, we offer you the best hubs with a combination of cost of product against quality of manufacturer. We supply D-link, Allied Telesyn, Netgear and SMC hubs and switches, depending upon the requirement for the customer. These hubs offer high standards in network connectivity whilst retaining a market sensitive approach to prices.

All requirements can be met, whether wall mounted hubs, rack mountable (for coms cabinets) or desktop and with options for 10 base 2 interfaces on the larger hubs. We can supply hubs for 10 base T users and the more common 10/100 hubs and switches. With the advent of wireless networks we offer wireless hubs and Ethernet interfaces also. Smaller desktop hubs are supplied, suitable for small home or business installations where there is only a small requirement.

Although network hubs will be supplied as part of a network cabling installation we can offer them separately for desktop or network installations. We accept orders of any quantity in the UK.

Fly leads can be purchased at the same time as hubs if required. We also offer network interface cards if you need a network cars separately or with a hub.

As with Ethernet cards, we offer price matching in the UK for Ethernet network cards and welcome the opportunity to quote for orders large or small.

Please contact us (click here) or request a specific network cabling or interface quotation using our network cabling request form. You are under no obligation by using this form and we will provide you with a prompt and efficient response.

Please see out network consultant section for more details of our network cabling service (click here).


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